Daisy by Mary Quant & Much more...

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Dolls All Over, A Display of all my Lovely Dolls.

(Especially Daisy by Mary Quant)

So many dolls, so little time...

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❀❀ 22/11-2020 Updated Daisy, red, black, blue and purple

❀❀ 22/11-2020 Updated Disco Girls

❀❀ 21-22/08-2015 More new Daisy photos, close to having most on them up here! ❀❀

❀❀ 15/08-2015 Lots of new Daisy pictures. ❀❀
❀❀ 30/07-2015 Lots of new Daisy pages, now color-coordunated, and new photos too. ❀❀

❀❀ 23/07-2015 A new Airline Doll ❀❀

❀❀ 14/05-2015 A few more Daisy pictures... ❀❀
❀❀ 17/10-2014 A few more Daisy pictures... ❀❀

❀❀ 09/10-2014 A new Daisy Page "In the Middle of it" with knee length fashion ("Dress Up!"=short "In the Long Run"= long) ❀❀

❀❀ 08/10-2014 Lot of Updates!!! Everywhere in Daisy, + DiscoGirls ❀❀

❀❀ 05/10-2014 New PerfeKta Dolls! ❀❀

❀❀ 05/10-2014 opened A White Daisy page...❀❀

❀❀ 05/10-2014 Finally got my Wanda page together :) ❀❀

❀❀ 30/03-2014 Yeah! Lots of new Daisy pictures... ❀❀

❀❀ 16/03-2014 A few new - Airline doll + Daisy ❀❀

So many variations of most outfits, fascinating!


I will display my lovely dolls here.

Some of them have turned into an addiction, others I just have a few of, those that I couldn't resist!

I mainly collect Daisy by Mary Quant, Pusle by Ratti, Pedigree Sindy, Irma, Famosa's Nancy, MGA 4 Ever Best Friends...

And along the way others came too, and still do Lol!

I hope that you will enjoy yet another site about dolls, I for one always love to see the lovely gals in a new light.

Hope that you will bare with me, I am still making my website, so some things are still missing. Thanks!

Hmm on second thought, I wonder if I will ever be able to remove this construction sign?

I should change it to "Always ongoing construction, updating and rearranging."

I don't think a web-site is ever really finished...


And it shouldn't be finished now, should it?


Thank you all, for your interest in my page, I really appreciate all the feeedback i get!!!

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