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4 Ever Best Friends

Not known to many, these cute dolls were issued by MGA (Bratz) from 2004 and I think ended again already in 2005.

I fell for their sweet little faces and bought my eldest daughter a pair (read 4 dolls). Later on I regretted not getting any for myself of course. They qiuckly dissapeared from the stores again and I thought that was it. But then I looked at Exxx... the excuse was that I had to find some for my youngest daughter who by then had the age to adore these dolls too. And I did find them...

Here are the first edition and the story as I can figure it out:

There are two basic doll types. I call them "First Edition" and "Second Edition".

The first type was released in 2004, had twistable hands and legs that goes to the side when you sit the doll down. "First Edition" consists of only 4 different dolls, each with a different hair, skin and eyecolour. All have long hair.

"First Edition" Dolls are:

Sana: Dark skin, black hair, darkgreen eyes.

Brianee: A Blond with brown eyes.

Calista: Brown hair, darkgreen eyes.

Noelle: Red hair, green eyes.

As you can see on this picture from the back of the clothes packs, to the right these are the four dolls and the clothes they were sold in. To the left there is a picture of the two different sets of clothes that was released at the same time.

These must be prototype outfits shown on this picture. No bathrope were included in "Pyjama Party" and silver sneakers, not sandals (as shown on Calista) were included in "School is Cool".


Sana, Brianee


Calista, Noelle.


The dolls were sold in pairs in these sweet heartshaped boxes:

The Dolls were sold in "Pyjama Party!" and in "Beach Party!". Both were available with two different dolls in, in all sorts of combinations. Here it is Sana and Brianee in "Pajama Party!".

With the "First Edition" 2004 dolls there were two charm-bracelets and two charms included.

One for you and one for your best friend.

The clothes sold for the dolls had new charms included so that you could add them to the bracelet.


With the Pyjama-Party came: Pyjama (obviously ha-ha!) fluffy slippers, phones and diarys, mirrors, brushes, a hair dryer, + varios tiny lipsticks, mascaras, powders, eyeshadow etc. Notice the blue eyeshadow shown with Sana, same type is issued with Bratz dolls.


Here is "Beach Party!" First with Noelle and Sana and here with Sana and Calista. The included charms were a flip-flop and sunglasses.


A CD-player, pineapple-drink, 3-colour makeupkit, sunlotion, a spray bottle and 3 cd's were at the left side, and a coolerbox, a funnyshaped drink, Dali-shaped perfume, powder, brush, lipgloss and a brush at the right side of the box.

Each girl also had a bag with them.

Two different outfits were sold without dolls, each with two sets of clothes and two charms:


"Phys Fun Ed".


"Phys-Ed-Fun!" included these two outfits + the two charms: a football and a footballshoe.


It is a "Second Edition" Brianee with short hair showing off the white outfit.


The second clothes packet was called "School is Cool!" 


Also two outfits in this packet, here shown on Calista and Dianthe.


The charms were a heart and a book.

Then two more dolls were added, in the "Second Edition", probably manufactered in 2004 also:

Dianthe: Black hair, green eyes.

Akire: Brown hair, blue eyes.

I haven't seen Noelle, Brianee, Calista or Sana with any of these hairdoos, and why is Dianthe shorthaired?

Dianthe was made with short hair later on. It is probably a Prototype picture, but it does seem strange that they don't show Dianthe with long hair.


Dianthe and Akire.

With them came several different packages with dolls, all still heartshaped but now with zippers. The boxes were made so they could not only be used to store the dolls and accessories but also could be used as a carrier bag. A pair of see-through straps were included that fitted on the back transforming the box into a backpack. Six new outfits to choose from, all sold with one outfit in each packet.



And here I discovered the first variant. I really thought that these dolls, having been produced for such a short while, would be so simple to map.

Ha! Guess again Lol!


"First Edition, second outlet" Girl Party, had as did the first two boxes, two charm-bracelets and two charms included in the packet.


These are the accesories included. In the US package.

Variation: In this french edition there were no birthday cake included, neither in the danish one. The danish package couldn't be transformed into a backpack as the other two could.


These are the accesories from the french package, I am sure that it was the same acc. included in the danish one, I seem to remeber them from my daughters boxes.


The clothes included in "Girl Party", shown on Ally (a later edition doll) and Sana.

Secondly there was "Just Chillin"


I only have the french edition of this one. I don't think that "Just Chillin'" was sold in Denmark, at least I haven't been able to dig out any information about it. In the US version a pizza slice an a cake on a plate were also included.


The clothes from "Just Chillin", shown on Akire and Calista.

Outfits sold seperately:


The six outfit are:


"Ballet Blitz & Cheerleadin!".

First Ballet Blitz:


The bag can be opened at the top and also has a sidepocket closing with welcro. Notice the cat, wery "Bratz-like".

A short haired Dianthe shows the clothes...

Chearleadin! Also Dianthe here.


"KickIn┤ It" & "Winter Break Bash".


"Kickin' It" is exactly as "Phys Ed Fun" only this time in pink and with a different pattern on the shoes.

A short haired Calista is modelling.

"School Time Style" & "Sleepover Style"  (yeah! I have them all now!)

Lovely School Time Style shown by Dianthe.

Besides the clothes there were also a bit equipment for the lovely dolls:


Backside of the package.

Noelle and Ally driving them. The bumpers on the cars can be taken off transforming them into ordinary cars.

Now I thought that I by now had all the different types of dolls covered. Then this little lady showed up:


She has glittery eyeshadow and two-coloured eyes, but long hair? I found out that they are all made like this too. So is this Noelle or Ally?

I bet on Noelle?

They also have nailpolish on that can change colour when put in warm water.


They could have been made for this beauty salon?:

"Primpin' Party" "First in a series of three" it promises.

The back of the box. What number two or three are I don't have a clue to, but it states that it is a "Rock Party Theme?"...

More to come...