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4 Ever Best Friends Second Issue

"Second Edition" of these dolls I think came in 2005, with no twisting hands but ball jointed shoulder instead. The legs don't go to the side any more, when bent for sitting the doll down, but goes straight in stead. Short hair, two-coloured eyes that really change the expression on the dolls faces. Not an improvement if you ask me, I liked the first issue-eyes much better, but some of the shorter hairdoo's are really cute. They all have glittery eye shadow now, very "Glam".

Dolls are:

(Akire) Erika (same doll spelled backwards?), Brown hair, blue eyes, short hair.

Dianthe, Brianee, Calista are the same as before but of course with short hair.

I haven't seen Sana in this edition?

Ally, could be replacing Noelle, has short red hair and green eyes. Calista also has lost her bangs and gained a beauty spot on her right cheek:

Ally and Calista.

Brianee & Dianthe.

The dolls were sold in:


"BeautyTime", dolls mixed in the different boxes. In this one it is: Erika, Ally, Dianthe & Brianee. Erika and Ally are the new ones.

But on the back, they are still shown with long hair? Proto types again?


Erika, Ally


Dianthe and Brianee.

A lovely Calista with a ponytail.


"Birthday Blitz". Ally has got bangs, and they are all shorthaired now, also on the picture at the back of the package. Only 5 dolls on the groupphoto at the bar though, no Sana. Maybe she wasn't made with short hair? But she still showes up on the small photo at the left side?

Dianthe and Calista

Brianee and Erika.

Just as with Bratz, MGA launched a Rock series for 4-Ever-Best-Friends.
Again the girl appearances changed, new hairdo's for all, but body and facepaints left untouched.
There were three different packages available.

Now I thought that I by now had all the different types of dolls covered. Then this little lady showed up:


She has glittery eyeshadow and two-coloured eyes, but long hair? I found out that they are all made like this too. So is this Noelle or Ally?

I bet on Noelle?

They also have nailpolish on that can change colour when put in warm water.


They could have been made for this beauty salon?:

"Primpin' Party" "First in a series of three" it promises. "Rock Party Themes!"

The back of the box.

This brochure was included.

I also have the rock stage (yeah!) Nr. 2 in a series of 3 Rock Party Themes!

Great accessories, let's rock this joint!

Look at these rocking ladies.

Look at this great stage, it also has a swirling motion plate in the centre.
The handle on the box is a cute rubber guitar, I cut it off to use it with the dolls Lol!

the keyboard is later released for Bratz in other colours. Look at the colours on the guitar!

Here are all the accessories from the package, drinks, bottles, cosmetics, tickets, record, DVD recorder.

And the band played on...

And I also have two of the girls:

First of is Akire, second is Brianee.

They are both in immaculate condition, I don't think they have been played with very much.

Go on girl, you rock!

With the Rockstage came this picture in a brochure:

I would of course love to get my hands on two more dolls from this series...

More to come.....