Daisy by Mary Quant & Much more...

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Black Magic

Black Magic
so many amazing outfits, all black or mixed with other colors.
From dresses to skirts and trousers, but all so elegant


This first one was also depicted on the carry case made for daisy, or at one of them.
The second one is a two piece outfit, also made in Turquoise (on my wish list)


Black Magic, two different versions. First one with lace sleeves, a nightmare for children lol, but ever so elegant
The second one quite different, but very elegant too 


A beautiful 3 piece outfit and a classic, Broomstick (missing the original brim on the hat) 


The little black dress, Get Me, simple & elegant
Princess also so sweet and elegant 


Tiffany, brimmed with gold, lovely
Five O, made in several different fabrics, some in red


Cinders, two piece outfit, several different fabrics used for making this one 


Hey day, also a two piece outfit, and as you can see lots of different fabrics used for making it.
The first two are missing the proper hats and skirts. 


Razzle Dazzle, lovely very delicate fabric, that tends to loose threads
Turkish Delight, same delicate type of fabric  

Daisy and Spot, a two piece outfit (plus a couple of stray dogs)

And also Daisy and spot, but this outfit is a dress

Two of my reroots wearing Charlie Girl and Chess



Miranda, two piece outfit, made in several red variants too
And Naughty, a lovely lace nightdress and topcoat 

Thick warm fur coat with black belt and flocked boots
Mississippi, black and red striped pants with a red check top

Showbizz, fantastic!

Spot on! Black velvet skirt, also made in red. 
Swanlake, the training part of the outfit that also consists of a lovely white ballerina dress, silver crown and white shoes


Zebra, lovely dress with a broad black belt
And this second one is also made in a fabric with closer set flowers 


Daisy rider, Ghymkana, black velvet jacket.