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Daisy, an Angel.

❀ Updated 13/10-2014 ❀

Daisy is seeking new adventures, maybe she takes a bit after her cousin Havoc?

Anyway it is Charlie's Angels she is leaning towards here.

They have the most awesome outfits, all though I am not much for the dolls themselves.
Just take a look at these four lovely ladies:

Four awesome ladies!!!
Sabrina, Kris, Kelly & Jill. Jill's shawl is from an outfit called Golden Whispers.

Jill is showing of the basic jumpsuit that every gal came in, Kris in a green, Sabrina's was red, and Kelly had a yellow. They all came with black boots and a scarf.

 Here Kelly is wearing Underwater Intrigue, an outstanding outfit that originally came with a gold headband, black shoes, black flippers, harpoon and air tank for diving.

Moonlight Flash. Is Sabrina cool or what? She can get anybody onto the dance floor in this!

This is Night Caper. Well only the Cape is from Night Caper...  It is Kris in the Cape and the suit is from the Slalom Caper

Kelly in River Race, boat, paddle & black phone missing, very suitable for a trip in the mountain rushing down White Water in between the mountainsides. Orange boots missing.


Kris in another sports suit, Golden Sport, red shorts and a red jacket with gold stripes and a gold t-shirt.
Should include red boots.

Sabrina in Gaucho Pizazz, should have included a white fur coat and black boots.

Jill in Golden Marathon, an elegant "silk" jogging suit with gold stripes and hood. Purple track shoes missing.

Carded Outfits for the Angels