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Whiter shader of ...

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Always elegant, and so different outfits.


Missing the straps made of same material as the trim on the dress. 


Opt. Nurse, and Nightingale without the blue Cape


I'll put this with the white ones, Pochahontas Opt. version. Missing a boot and a skirt.... Marseilles, well white and maroon...


65361 Dotty is of course made in several variations.


Red Spotty dress and anotherone with small flowers. Daisy creations? Maybe.


Lovely dres with a tie around ribbon. And an Opt. small flowered dress

QuickStep, Pleats was really a hit back then...
Strawberry dress, cute.


Casino, that I have missed out on so often really neat. Able Seaman


Mopsie trousers, made in several diff. fabrics Ah! And the ever elusive Promenade. Beautiful creation, very sweet with the bold hat.

Midsummer Dream. I must admit I thought it was a nightie at first... Is also made in this light yellow version.


Does this count as a white Dress? Zebra dress from Optimum with a flocked belt.

I call this Sanderson...


Breezy 65167, Whitish? Bag added by me. Red sandals? Not sure. 

Jive/Jitterbug all have the same skirt, with a thin stripe of the top fabric at the top.

Swanlake Dress. Walk-along-dolls.

Beautiful Dreamer. Cuddles.


Lovely Opt. Dress. Wimbledon, comes in blue too

First of a nameless dress and then Ace + a variant of Ace. All are missing their knickers, sadly...