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Delightful Denim and other trousers.

❀ Updated 30/11-2020 ❀

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Of course Daisy has Denim clothes, who would be without?

Calamity Jane Great outfit, Hoe Down 65166 I have seen this shirt several times with Daisy. Also once with a pair of shorts.

BumperJumper. Originally all the red had white dots, but they have worn off. Same problem with the dress Dottie (Short Ones). Scarf is not original.

A new BumperJumper, very dark in the denim and the red dotted fabric is cotton too! All dots are still there...

Notice that there is a smallstriped denim version and a brodstriped denim version of Buster and Sweetiepie. There were probably also two versions of the skirt from Check Mates, But I have only seen this one. To add to all this variants, the red/white chequered fabric also exist in a version with smaller checks!

Sawn Off(trousers+boots+belt)+Chum Up(west+bag+hanger)+Dress Up (Scarf+hat and it also includes red/white flowers), Second girl: Out & About (Dress alone Sweetie Pie). She is "baldie" in transition right now, and while waiting for her new hair she has borrowed one of the wigs from the "three-wig-Daisy" doll.


Third girl: Check Mates, Fourth girl: Buster, (Blouse and boots alone = Puss'n Boots) The belt is not originally from Buster, but from Sawn Off.


The denim skirt BarnDance with the red St Tropes top and In The Pink top. Orange Sundae.

Apart from nr. two, Time Out, it is only the trousers i have from these outfits.

 The shorter ones, Straight and Narrow, is sold alone.


Arizona cute combination. And a lovely Optimum outfit.