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Glowing in Green!

❀ Updated 28/11-2020 ❀

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All variations, from spring green to the darkest ones...


Daisys Birthday outfit, still need the parcel and the cake

This Green Glitterdress is not with the original belt. I have seen it carded, but not the name or the number.


The green satin dress that the 3-wig-Daisy with regular body came in. 

Havoc wears an Optimum dress, it should have green shoes with it and the bag is one I have added. Isn't she just sweet in this one? 


Mamzelle Variant. Gymsuit in green


Cowslip, lovely outfit. On the Dot, another cute one for Daisy


Lovely outfit this two tone dress, and Garden Party in Green.


Cucumber dress with Scarf and belt, Glitter, with all the green sequins and green guitar and boots too


HoeDown and the skirt Beebop

Sophistication, oh so nice, dancing through the meadows Lol! And also a lovely green Jumpsuit, unconfirmed.


Rio another favorite. My childhood one was made with dark green top though, much nicer :(

Sherlock, no pipe, never understood about those huuuge boots though ;)


Two lovely Optimum dresses


And a lovely dress (Flair?) Made of the same fabric as Time Out.

Unidentified summer dress, Skidoo in green.