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Daisy in the Long Run...

❀ Updated  07/05-2015 ❀

Lovely Daisy! Here are shown a lot of the long dresses that she has, and they are numerous!


Midsummer Dream. In both variants.

Zig Zag 65265 always thought of this as a Christmas dress.
Pom Pom. So special.

 Lovely Blue check dress, same lace as other Daisy dresses. Forty Winks in need of ironing...


Country Cousin, you can just see her on the lawns of her English manor. Maybe on her way to the swing?

I had newer heard about this dress being made in pink, but here it is: Country Cousin in pink.

Daisy was sold in an outfit called Angel Delight. There were three variants in the fabric, lilac on a redhead, blue on a blonde and red on a dark haired one.


The same style was used to create another dress which Daisy was sold wearing, namely Garden Party.

The blue one comes in severalvariants (oh no more variants Lol!) One where the center of the dark blue flowers are white and the red flowers more bright and the other one with pink flowers.

Garden Party was also made in an orange patchwork variant.


 65361 Dotty is of course made in two variations. This Spotty dress has the same lace as other Daisy creations (Happy Day for one).


Milkshake and Neat Pleats


Marrakesh, also made in a lovely rarer pinkish variant.


Casbah. This one is also made in the same fabric as TiddlyWinks.


Daisy Chain and Cherry Pie. It is the same type of doll on both pictures. The first one both had new hair and a new make-up.


On the swing. Daisy was sold with the outfit and swing together.. This is one of those times that it would have been nice if she could bend her arms, no offence Daisy! 

Try and look at the fabric on this red dress, which Daisy was sold in


KnickerBockerGlory, with her camera.

High Summer. The bag here is not original, but you know how she likes to accessorize...


Miss Muffet, sooo adorable! I am really pleased to have this one finally :)

Good Morrow, oh of course it is Daisy's! With the rib banded hat and all!


Lovely Optimum dress, I have replaced the belt.

Sophistication, oh so nice, dancing through the meadows Lol!


Mamzelle in 2 Variants.