Daisy by Mary Quant & Much more...

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Daisy Long Legs.

❀Updated 17/05-2013❀

She stands 38cm tall, and is also designed by Mary Quant. She was sold in the pink gown and there was made 6 additionally outfits for her. She has a walking/dancing motion.

These are the only fashions made for Longlegs, except for the dress she was sold in Razzamatazz.

*** 15/10 IS THE ALLIBABA GIRLS BIRTHDAY!!!*** (The date is tattooed on the back of her head!).


Allibaba, my latest re root!!! She uses 3Ĺ pack af saran hair, and her head is quite stiff, but what a result!

I am very pleased with her.


This is how she looked when you bought her, except that her curls are long gone RazzaMatazz. They headband and the bracelet is added by me.


Follies, in my opinion the sweetest outfit of them all.


Buster, Looks very much like a Daisy outfit from the 80'ties.


Maxims, so elegant and very similar to the Daisy outfit called Tivoli. The skirt in Daisy's outfit is navy blue, but the cut is the same. Same kind of nylon fabric is used to both shirts.


CheckMate, a very very long belt included. The necklace is added to the outfit. The outfit comes normally with red sandals, but I really find it more appropriate with sneakers.


Sugarpie very sweet, but also rather like the outfit she was sold in, I would have liked a more different dress instead.

As you can see the outfit cards were similar to Daisy's only larger.

This is the backside of a carded outfit, and next to my re root before I curled her hair.