Daisy by Mary Quant & Much more...

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From piruettes to Ice escapades...

❀Updated 18/08-2015❀

Daisy loves sports, she skies, plays tennis, does ballet, she skates, she surfs...
And if she had been made 10 years later, who knows? Anaerobic studio, a boat (she does have the clothes (Ahoy)) Roller blades, etc.


This lovely Jogging outfit is from the later years, funny very 80'ties neckline on the sweater.

SwanLake, Complete. Finally! I have added a pair of pink training shoes to the outfit.

A lovely Optimum tennis outfit and Ace.

Ace Again, tennis outfits for Daisy. Comes in 3 variant all together maybe? ...


This one is for Daisy, very lovely. I have no idea if it came with rackets or not.

Aerobic, missing the hairband in blue and I have added the bag, I think? I got it with the outfit and it kind of fits her good I think :)

Gym outfit, this I know is Daisy's I've seen it MOC. Should have been wearing pink leg warmers too.

This is an outfit from the later era, it also came with white ski boots, blue skies & poles, and of course in two variants.

Nr. 2 was a New Zealand doll.

There was also a blue ski outfit which this hat & scarf belonged to.

On her skiing vacation Daisy wore her lovely St. Morits outfit. Should include orange goggles.

Skidoo in red, It did come with both a surf board and a skateboard.

Also available in Green, as you can see. The green version comes originally with red knee/elbow protection and a red helmet.

The skateboards/surfboards were also old on separate cards.


With this boxed active girl came both a surfboard and a skateboard.

Ice Skater with pirouette stand, just as the Circus princess.

A ballerina with replacement ribbons in the shoes. And a variant with the correct shoelaces..


Daisy Sports Outfits.