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Outdoor Life.

Updated 09/10-2014.

Being Outdoor needs a variety of clothes. Fortunately!

Raindrops, the coat, and Promenade (Flair)

Another Fluffy coat in Beige. Optimum?


I would never have believed this to be Daisy's, had I not gotten it carded!

 And of course it is made in beige too...It should have a brown belt and brown fur boots

It is quite big for her. Boots are the well known flocked ones


A nice warm hooded coat. Opens on the back. Strange short boots. (Carded)

A Checkered coat, fabric is also used to make several different dresses:



This variation of the scarf is for a blue variant of the ski outfit. Next Tam O'Shanter (hat and scarf only).


Blue coats, so many different ones made for Daisy. The first one is definitely Daisy's

This next came carded, but unfortunately the edge of the card is ripped. All I have is XXXX4-15 to identify it by, the first two most probably is 65.

 Sunday Best.


Sherlock, I never understood about those boots. They are really made for mamma's home-knitted woolen socks!

They can't stay on Daisy's bare feet for sure, and if I hadn't seen them on a card I wouldn't have believed that they actually belonged to her. Actionman maybe or someone like that lol

And shown beside the great detective with the cold feet: Riding hood, all vinyl yikes! Sorry but this low budget coat is not very charming.


The blue reverse April Showers. Should have white boots.


April Showers (Coat, hat & boots = Singin' in the Rain). Also sold with white boots.


Pall Mall and Mustard. Very different coats in style and material.


Moulin Rouge, very similar to Mustard.


Puddleduck with the red "leather"bag.


A complete Hoity Toity.(Yes!!!) I always thought is was a fur hat similar to Flossie, but it is actually a headband.


Wrap Up with the brown pleaded skirt. This second one I just call "Fake Fur". It is Daisy's, I have an add in "Daisy, the model" showing it. Sadly no names is mentioned in the add, nor any numbers.