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Blue Daisy - Blue World.

❀Updated 30/11-2020❀

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Belle of the Ball. The fabric used on the skirt has been used on lots of other outfits for other dolls too....

Here a Lovely De Luxe outfit and of course in a variation too. Love this one <3


A new blue Optimum outfit, now with the blonde top but still missing the right shoes. Beauty Queen dress only


Sun'N'Fun, missing the straps, several variations of this one. 


Quite a show stopper! Does come in a ton of variations, most commonly in gold, this have been trimmed in the length. 

Folderoll, missing a bow.


Sugar Almond, so good on this shorthaired hard head doll :) 

And a new blue Optimum dress on a doll I had never seen in "Real Life" before. Very special


Ice skater with her roller stand Aerobic outfit lovely :)


Daisy was sold in an outfit called Angel Delight. There were three variants in the fabric, lilac on a redhead, blue on a blonde and red on a dark haired one.

The same style was used to create another dress which Daisy was sold wearing, named Garden Party. 

The blue one comes in two variants (oh no more variants Lol!) 

One where the center of the dark blue flowers are white and the red flowers more bright and the other one with pink centers of the flowers.


Swiss Miss. A shorter than short dress, and then these boots to go with it??? 

They are not the most elegant ones. Miss Prim, this was sold with white stockings.


Daisy Chain . This lovely doll both had new hair and a new make-up.

Baker Boy, a blouse


Garden Party 65270, Flair, Also comes in a Green/Yellow variant. Orange Sunday blouse.


Check Dress, lovely with a belt. Forty Winks, badly in need of ironing it seems.


Country Cousin, the blue one (also in pink) you can just see her on the lawns of her English manor. Maybe on her way to the swing?

Daddy's Girl, Lovely short detailed dress.


Jive/ Jitterbug in blue, same cut for all three. Snap, lovely.


Next is 65183, no name. This one came straight from the card (and is back there again!) 

Odd choice of necklace, Pearls would have been better I think, maybe pink ones if they insist on something with color? 

And there is also a variant of this one too, a lovely grey version.  Fandango, two variants, 

April in blue version coat that comes with a red dress, and the blue dress that comes with the red coat.


Posh, comes with the yellow tray. Glitter in Blue (comes in pink, red and silver too)


Whizz Kid. Next one is missing a scarf

Smarty, sleek and elegant. ByeBye Baby, comes in variants.


 St. Tropez, a classic. Lounge Dress.

Dolly Mixture & Bubblegum.

Two lovely blue coats, the latter was on a card marked 4-15 only.


Blue Velvet Optimum outfit, and Lapland, very special. 


Casbah. This one is also made in the same fabric as TiddlyWinks, all though that variant is not originally Daisy.


Miss Muffet, sooo adorable! Also comes in a red version, that I don't have. I am really pleased to have this one :)

Sunday Best, very pretty with the scarf in the pocket.


HornPipe and Signal. The recorder is actually my old childhood one. Both sold without shoes.


Able Seaman. Trousers are made in two different fabrics, so another variant there.

Skirt from Tivoli, several variants of the trim of the shirt on this outfit


Sailor from Optimum, made in two different ways.


Tango, also in an variant. Not quite sure if it is a homemade one


Yum Yum, also available in at least five other fabrics.


Skier, many different scarfs and hats. Also made in a blue version, and a red scarf and hat


Very special jumpsuit, I have never seen this one anywhere else. Lovely but still unconfirmed.

Same goes for the Checkered dress on the right