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So pretty in Pink!

❀Updated 31/11-2020❀

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And she is!

Optimum Dress. The hairdressor outfit, also got purple trousers.


Belle of the Ball, lovely. Does come in a blue variant. Next is an optimum outfit.


Good Morrow, oh of course it is Daisy's! With the ribboned hat and all!


Being Outdoor needs a variety of clothes. Fortunately! Next, A nice warm hooded coat. Opens on the back. Came carded.

St Morits a lovely ski outfit with matching pink skies and poles.


Derby Day, absolutely a favorite. Garden Party in pink, so pretty.


Top Sherbert and trousers Flapper.  The trousers are the same material and cut as Orange Sundae and Posh.

I finally managed to get a hold on the pink top that the active 3-wig-doll came in, but I am still missing the pants. 

White satin trousers made either with straight legs or elastics at the feet. Hopefully they will turn up one day.


Flossie, in two variations, second one missing a hat. Skirt is Humbug


Flamenco, has a pink neclace too. It is the pendant one with a gold chain. 

Marrakesh, also made in this lovely more rare pinkish variant.


HuckleBerry, came in at least three different fabrics, here are the pink version of them. 

And May Ball, elegant. May Ball is made in yellow and in pink.


Pink Champagne, there should be a pink shoulder bag for this one.


Candy Floss, the same top was used for In the Pink.


Beebop, again Flossie, and Top Of Brighton Rock, a lovely knitted sweater


 Moonglow, with borrowed slippers.


Naughty a classic. Boudoir in pink, dress and gown.


Two different "Fluffy" Pink outfits, first is a two piece set, second one is Fluff, missing belt and handbag.

Should have black(?) sandals


Optimum outfit, rather special one, missing legwarmers. Marlene awww love that one!

Peaches and Cream. Another one made in two or more variants!


Pink Shimmer, comes in silver, blue & red too. Pink/White Stripy dress from around 80' Is also made in yellow, blue & possibly also in green.


Country Cousin, in the pink version, comes in blue too. And a Pink Miss Muffet



Daisy was sold in an outfit called Angel Delight. There were three variants in the fabric, lilac on a redhead, blue on a blonde and red on a dark haired one.

Petticoat and Bra? I mean wouldn't there be knickers included too then? (there is, I just don't have them) "Petticoat, Bra & Knickers" doesn't sound that thrilling though Lol!

If I ever find a pair of the pink knickers!

Tinkerbell, exists in at least these two pink variant + several blue ones.

This one, Mardi Gras, is a bit of a puzzle. It is shown on the adds to be a pair of trousers and a blouse, but is made as a copy of Tinkerbell?

Sleepy Bye does come in a lilac version too.

Blossom, and another made in same fabric. Not original i'm afraid. The towel is genuine though.


Space Daisy in the pink & silver jumpsuit, and Sanderson, now with a replacement belt


Potpourri lovely!! And A lovely Optimum outfit

Unidentified outfits.