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From Red to Blue and in between...

Pretty Purples

Pretty purples

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Updated 22/11-2020

It can be Elegant, Fancy, Cool, Warm you name it!


A lovely 80'ties outfit, comes in turquoise too, Next one is in two pieces, comes in a darker version too


Sister Kate  & Sweet Violet, both very lovely. Pink handbag added by me, clone bag


Charleston, love the pillerbox hat, Glitter, comes in pink too


Hairdresser outfit, comes with matching purple trousers, Belle of the ball, comes in a silver/blue version too


Angel delight in the lilac version (pink and blue too), Guinevere with silver trim, knitted


A lovely purple ballet skirt, comes with a orange leotard originally. Circus star with the spinning stand


Shepherds Pie, also made in a version with all big checked fabric. Lilac very lovely dress with blue/white trim

Lovely knitted dress, comes in many variant. A bit weird, because it can only be worn if you pop the head off, it doesn't open