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Daisy┤s Home & Furniture

❀ Updated 13/10-2014 ❀

No home without furniture, and Daisy has both!

Daisy's Supermarket . Once there she can get her fridge filled for making dinner for all her friends.
On her way, she probably drops in at the little Clothes Boutique next door, to see if the new collection has arrived. She does love clothes =)

Daisy's Boutique came with a lot of accessories, also an outfit shown here, "Time Out".


For a day at the beach. A foldable deck chair.

Here her lovely cardboard fold-up home:


I comes with stickers for you to decorate it with and make it how you want it to be.

It is not all that easy to set up Lol!

As you come in you could be met by a hat stand (Mirror and Hat stand) to hang your coat on and check your hairdo in the mirror before entering the lovely living room.
And for a longer holiday: two big suitcases, a round suitcase + a beauty box. (Daisy's Lovely luggage). As you can see they were available in several different colours. I would love to have the last two beige suitcases of course :)

A lovely dressing table too, with a lamp that can light up (holds batteries) and three drawers that can open. As you can see there are variants of the chair, and surprise! yet another variation were also made with all pink fabric.
(Daisy's Dressing Table) Also made in mint-green and dark green.

Here it is made in pink, probably from the same factory, but not made for Daisy.

I have seen the box for it on a different website, and it is not a Daisy box.

If she gets tired from all the clothes changing and making up her face, she can relax a bit on her pink chaise lounge. 

Not made in other colours as far as I know. (Daisy's Chaise Lounge)

Daisy is having guests over to night and dinner is made on the lovely stove. (Daisy Cooker)

Everything is prepared in the kitchen at the sink unit first. (Daisy's Sink Unit) 

Comes complete with water heater and a plug to keep the water in the sink.

Daisy and her friends dines at her lovely round table that comes with 4 chairs, two tablecloth, a lovely flowerpot + 4 sets of tableware complete with napkins. 

You can see the Daisy motif are on the plates too. 

The chairs are made with red, blue or yellow "cushions" (a piece of felt). Each colour is from a different era.

The Table is here set with Chicken, ham with vegetables and a lovely cake 

(from Tuck which also consists of knives, forks and spoons for two, two white plates, yellow tray + two bottles + two big glasses + two small glasses.)

After dinner Daisy can relax in her armchair, with a lovely cuppa' sat on her little coffee-table. 

The red armchair is from (Daisy's Armchair) With Coffee Table and Lamp. 

The lamp resembles the one on the dressing table but is non working). 

I have found the phone in other colours, but I don't think they have all been made for Daisy. Maybe for Barbie?

Later on Daisy and her dinner friends takes a ride on her lovely horses. I still don't have any of the two different dark brown horses made for her.


A quiet hour on the swing relaxing, is something Daisy enjoys tremendously! 

Afterwards she rides her bike to the little town nearby where there is a grocery Shop.

Variations again, of course Lol!!!

A company called Coronet also made furniture for dolls at Daisy's size, and even used her picture on their boxes:

I managed recently to get a hold on the wardrobe that I had as a child! I unfortunately lost that one in a move later on.

it was stuffed(!!!) with almost all my Daisy clothes, so you can imagine that I was devastated!

I have now recovered all the outfits I had as a child (and a tiny bit more Lol!) and now I also have the wardrobe.
We got my childhood one from a colleague of my mother but
unfortunately the handles were broken of.

My clever mother took two bright red birthday-candle holders and glued them on instead 

(nipping the "stick" of on the inside of the cabinet). It was the most pretty handles you can imagine and I was thrilled!

Back of the box, Daisy in Casbah showing of the furniture.

The kitchen looks great. The sink unit ad cooker looks like a duplicate of Daisy's (or the other way round) though, look especially at the water heater.

Bedside cabinets and Bunk beds

A chest of Drawers and the dining table. Looks to me to be similar to Daisy's only in yellow.