Dolls All Over

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Daisy dress Up!

Daring Daisy! Some of her dresses are on the wedge of beeing criminally short, but then again it suits her so well.


Pink/White Stripey dress from around 80' Is also made in yellow.



This one doesn't look like much on the card, but is actually quite sweet once on.

A couple of stripy dresses from Optimum, no names for them though.


This one I am sure is the "loungeDress" It seems to be the one daisy is wearing on the drawings that are printed on the back of the outfitcards.

Daisy & Spot in the later edition.


Pink Miss Muffet & Daddys Girl, elegant, pretty, sweet and sought after for a very long time!!!


This I call StrawberryDress. I have it pictured in a Danish add, so it is definitely a Daisy dress. The moped is not original sadly enough.


Here are some of the "long" short ones. First an optimum dress 65356 with no seperat name. The number was beeing used for several other outfits. Lola, I love the cut on this one.


Next Darling Daisy, Daisy was sold ready dressed in this. Dotty, this one Daisy was also sold ready-dressed in. It is made of Nylon, and the dots have a tendency to disappear. Dotty came with knickers.


Bo Peep, Love the colour mix here. Charleston again, along with Swizzle and Foxtrot they are very short. They are all three shown in the folder "Lady in red". 

Meadowsweet. Does come in a variant, surprise surprise!

Honey Bun which is just the dress from Mopsie. Cute Bubbles, almost same cut as Mopsie/Honeybun.


Banana Split.


Licorice Allsorts. Shirt Dress from Optimum. I'm not sure if that is the proper name. 

Popcorn worn by a black haired stewardess doll from Optimum. Hotspur, a bit faded.


And Cute Cuddles. Then there are Marseilles. Maternity dress? Just imagine it in real life-size, who would want to wear it? But Daisy looks great in it as usual.


Raindrops in red and Raindrops in a white version. Then I got a new variant, much lighter blue than the ordinary one.


Swiss Miss. A shorter than short dress, and then these boots??? They are not the most elegant ones. Miss Prim, this was sold with white stockings, but I have no idea if they were thin like the ones that came with RazzleDazzle/Candyfloss or thick ones like St. Morits.


Smarty and Out and About. This denimdress was also sold alone as Sweetie Pie. The girl is in transition, she is bald at the moment and borrowed a wig while waiting for her new hair.


Walk along Daisy, another readydressed doll with a walking action.


A brunette version. I have really come to love this version of Daisy, she is very special with the lashes and all. Absolutely gorgeous.