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Daisy Sleep Tight's

❀ Updated 30/11-2020 ❀

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A page dedicated to Daisy's sleeping gear and underwear.
Daisy has a lot of different nighties.
Some very prudent, others a bit more daring.
Maybe the flannel ones were for the old English mansion at wintertime?
It could be cold roaming around in the corridors at night.

This is a quite recent find, but is it Daisy's? Here Boudoir (Flair) in pink.


Boudoir 65165 Flair. A Beige satin nightie and robe. Very elegant and luxurious.

Boudoir 65165 Flair. A yellow satin nightie and robe. Very elegant and luxurious.


Petticoat and Bra? I mean wouldn't there be knickers too then? "Petticoat, Bra & Knickers" doesn't sound that thrilling though  Lol!

Three lovely girls...


Tinkerbell, so many different ones.


This one, Mardi Gras, is a bit of a puzzle. It is shown on the adds to be a pair of trousers and a blouse, but is made as a copy of Tinkerbell?


Blossom, the real one with trousers and sponge and all. The towel is also sold with the Bathtub.


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of them all?

Snug Bug, comes with a red vanity set. 


Sleepy Bye does come in a lilac version too. And an Optimum lilac nightie


Moonglow, with borrowed slippers. Beautiful Dreamer, wonderful fabric, cute details. The bow is velvet.


Naughty a classic.


Candy Floss, the same top was used for In the Pink. Not really sleep wear. Two different made tops, not sure if it is a "real" variant :)


Sleepy Head, missing the hat, next up an unknown long pink nightie