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Daisy's, Not Yet Here.

❀Updated 10/08-2015❀

Considering the amount of things/clothes I already have I find it amazing that I still lack so many things/outfits.
And this is not a complete list, I am sure to have forgotten something, and on top of that there are all the unnamed outfits that keep on surfacing every now and then. If you have any of these I would of course love to buy them from you, If you have any of these outfits and don't wish to let them go, I would love to see a picture of it anyway. I love pictures :-)

Things I don't have for Daisy and would LOVE to have in my collection:

These first ones I am not even sure if they were ever made:
Mardi Gras,
Beanbag Furniture,
White Swing outfit
White HoityToity

These I know are made:

Space Daisy, blue dress version

Rainbow Daisy

Popstar, both variations, have the top piano and chair for one of them.

Pink/Grey Huckleberry

MissMuffet long dress, red variant

Silver Blades with pink fur

Dashing Daisy ballet clothes, orange leotard with white edges + stockings.

A 3-wig Daisy, where the Daisy doll has all her hair + the White trousers for her.

SleepyBye with lilac flowers

NZ Country Wedding, the one with a pink long bow on the front.

Five'O, the red variant I am missing, blue, white, yellow and pink flowers somewhat evenly spaced.

The nightwear Daisy has on sitting on her bathtub

Blue dress worn sitting at her mint dressing table

Golden dress worn sitting at her green dressing table



Dotty with the big dots

Garden Party in Green

Kaleidoscope variant

Mamzelle in Pink



Old Lace

Smarty Pants


Sun'N'Fun Variant

There are so many others that I don't have the name of.
And all the outfits created after the booklets were discontinued, all that are not on my website basically........... Tons of outfits lol!

Parts from outfits missing:

Outfit worn while sitting under her drying helmet, Purple trousers only.

Gypsy (top+Scarf)

White trousers for 3-wig Daisy

Red helmet for Skidoo, ski + ski staffs.

Ski + ski staffs for the optimum skiers.

Blue Garter for Wedding Cake

Top (red w/white dots) for Blue Jeans

Casbah Variant made in TiddlyWinks fabric

A complete Folderol, mine is missing the bow.

Puss*N'Boots small checks + Buster with small checks on the patch


Ace: trousers

Hat and belt for Fluff

Brown Boudoir nightgown

First Night: Belt, Necklace, Shawl

Hoe Down scarf.

Sleepy Head Hat

Sun'N'Fun straps.

Winter Woolies red blouse.

Furniture that I don't have:
Patio furniture, sunbed & hammock
Chair from the Hairdryer + the hair things from that one.
The last two beige suitcases, a round one and the biggest one from the set too.
Lounge "glass" table.
Mint furniture (except the wardrobe)
A chair from Garden Furniture with cushions + the pole for the parasol.