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Daisy's Where are They?

❀Updated 30/07-2013❀

All the outfits we have seen in paper doll books, sticker books, on the back of outfitcards and even in a booklet but that we have never seen in real life.

Most probably they were never made sigh!

My curiosity made me try to (re)create these, all though it is not all that easy to find 70'ties material/ribbons in this next millennium.
I have only made a few so far, but with a little luck the number should increase over time.

From the sticker book Daisy moves in, I have recreated "Applejack" and made in into a set of trousers, a top, belt and hat.

It does a bit of tangling to handle so small things, especially to sew it in the right order!

Mardi Gras, I have bought this MOC, but with Tinkerbell inside the card. Did they give up on making it?

I do have another shiny striped fabric that I will try and make the pants in...

Posy in the book, described as a "Filmy flowery frock with lacy braid".

My Posy, with a very different lace that I kind of likes. Nothing like the one in the book, but where can I get that one?