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Daisy The Model

❀Updated 10/08-2015❀

There are so many outfits that is a perfect fit on her and are not featured in any of the small booklets. Most of the real Daisydresses are made after they discontinued making the booklets. That is when Flair and Optimum took over the production of Daisy.

Here, apart from showing all the lovely adds, I try to gather all the information/documentation that I can in hope of clearifying if some of the outfits we think are Daisys actually belong to her.

Any additional info is most welcome :o)

To get her would be such a thrill, sigh!

The chair is well-known, from her box with table and lamp, so is the dress:

Not the real Moped, but it will have to do, the stripey Dress made in Yellow, Blue and Green also, The swimmingsuit, but with another bag. This is the one I have seen on card, the red one in the add I have never seen.
Rainbow Dress, made in satin and vinyl.

The four lovely carded outfits, here are two of them (only the pants of the first outfit).

Lovely Add with A lot of Coronet furniture, next of the back of the box with the wardrobe in, showing some of the furniture.

This one I think is just gorgeous, and here it is in an add :)


I wish I had a better scan af this one, it is hard to make out all the very lovely outfits shown here. Another lovely bride, and Lovely Luggage in blue/green (also made in beige).

And the Beauty Queen, to have that one!!! Apart from ones shown at the top of the page, i have one of the carded outfits shown in the add.

 Need the Scarf for this one, and a belt for the second one.


Here is the "GlitterDress" as I call it (shown on the bike) It is also made in red and blue. I have all three.

The picture with 6 outfits, I still don't have the first pink one, the red shirt for the checkered shorts. I still miss the veil for the bride dress as well. I have the Riding gear and the Ballerina.

The 6 outfits lined up in a row. First one, Boudoir, comes in Yellow and Brown too, second ne I only have the top. The dress with white/silver top, lilac and blue skirt I have in other colours. The white skirt with the black and white top, resembles Jitterbug/Jive.


Missing everything else but the dress for this bride, but this one I have!


And new dresses again...

A bunch of French adds.

More Danish adds, most from Donald Duck magasines. The add reads "Daisy's new clothes in 1980",

The add says that nr.4 is made of stripy-velvet fabric, I have one but with red pockets? And the last one is out of fake fur. The fabric is like the Jane outfit.

April 1985

"Skaterprincess!" "Lots of news!" and the other one reads "Good news for Daisy-Mothers!"

First one reads "Daisy's best friend", "3 wigs", obviously "Ballerina" and " Daisy can Walk", and the next "Now Daisy has got new clothes again!" and "And a real swing!"

The well known Joan Corless drawigs, showing lots of Daisys outfits.

All of these and the following pictuers comes from a Flair Toys catalogue from 1977.


Lots of great pictures.
A variation of Ritz, this is the one with the red velvet neclace that has a big pearl attached. The pearl is identical to the one used on the Derby Day-dress.

Several variatons I assume vere prototypes.

Beanbag Furniture.
I have never seen it "live", I don't know if it was actually ever made.


Three prototypes.

Flair 1976

Lots of great Daisy pictures!!!

This Flair catalogue fom 1976 is not mine, hope it's ok to display it here.


 More Flair adds, from 1975.

 This is probably well known to most collectors, lovely sketches.

Sketches from 1973