Daisy by Mary Quant & Much more...

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Two Pieces. Or more...

❀Updated 17/10-2014❀

Daisy has a lot of outfits that consist of a top and a skirt. Most of them are perhaps not as glamorous as her evening dresses, but still very lovely and quite sophisticated. Great to display.

"Hairdresser" outfit, sadly missing the knickers. A lovely purple two piece outfit, with the well known flowers on. Maybe Daisy's?


A warm and cosy outfit for Daisy: Winter Woolies 65171. This was made in several different colour combinations.


Cappucine, interesting choice of colours and fabric, especially for the skirt?.


Bubblegum and Dolly Mixture.


And then I got another Picnic, made in a fabric with wider spacing between the dots. Maybe Dotty is made in two variants too?


Apple Pie, lovely blend of small and large checkers. Mopsie. bending it a bit since this one consists of trousers and a dress.


And Hoe Down, love that one.


Romany and On the Dot, the last one also has matching trousers.


CowSlip and Cucumber Sandwich. What strange names???


Hop Scotch (does come in a .... variant!) & Charlie girl. Aren't they pretty?


Flamenco, I never knew this outfit had a pink neclace untill recently. It is the pendant one with a gold chain.


And May Ball, elegant. May Ball in yellow and in pink.


St. Tropez was made in two different blue versions, and another one with black flowers. Als made in red called Brianna.

The blue version is the most common one.


Ring'O'Roses, worn by an Optimum doll with hair made to be divided into bunches but with a normal body instead of the active one that these dolls usually have. Denimgrad, very very elegant.


DenimGrad, here also in the Rainbow variant.

 Brighton Rock, Concorde and Bobby Sox. Same kind of skirt for all three. Different length though.


Jive, same as the next one only with a different fabric Jitterbug. And the later black / blue & white checkered one. It can be seen in "Daisy the model".


Tivoli in two different variations. Anndd! Then I found one more! They must have been changing the lace trim, and maybe using up the last bit on the blouse with both kinds? If anybody else has one like it, I would love to hear about it / or better yet see a picture. Looove Pictures!


In The Pink. Bertie and Mamzelle. Two different pieces but always shown together, so I will let them go together here too.


Spot on, sooo cute, right?

Daisy and Spot, here accompanied by a clone dog with a curved tail. I also recently got a black dog, but I'm not sure if it is original.Daisy & Spot was also sold as a couple later with the "new" type Daisy (This one was sold with both the old and the new type). Daisy has a new dress on in the later edition. Se Daisy Short Ones.


Miranda, Two versions, red and black. But the red one is made in two different fabrics:



Lovely lovely cotton outfit, Folderolls.