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Disco Girls

❀ Updated 22/11-2020 ❀

Besides making the famous Matchbox Cars, the company also produced the Disco Girls. 4 girls and a boy, busy him!


There was a most excellent page done about them, I had added it to the links page, but sadly it has closed down.

There are many of us DG lovers that will miss it a lot!!!

So I thought I could just keep it brief and only show them off / They are no need for me to repeat a brilliant page.

But since the other page is gone I will add some more details to my page.







Britt was also made in a cheaper verson with nonbendy legs called DG104Tina. She was also sold in a blue outfit.


DG102Domino in the two versions. And...


DG120Tony. Tony also changed appearence over the years, and he grew a mustache.

Their clothes were devided into years, some of the same numbers were used all over again the following year. Very confusing! I think that those that name dolls clothes must be making up the most anoying system they can think of. Same numbers/names referring to different outfits, or just completely strange names. Well think about it, would you go in to a store and ask for a boogaloo? Or a Poppy to wear? Well most of the names on the Disco Girls clothes are quite harmless, but all the same numbers!



DG200 Strawberry Fair no belt, Maybe this is the '72 and the '74 version?

I'm not sure how different they were from each other.

DG201 Bolero no string on the west, and a variant.


DG202 Navy lark missing the scarf, instead Britt borrowed a hat from WOL. DG203 Heart Beat, two different versions. A very boring blouse for such a sweet skirt.

DG204 Red& White blues, finally complete. DG205 Mix'N'Match. The outfit included trousers, hat and a multicoloured necklace. The blouse used was one of those they were sold in.

DG400 RedRally, DG401 Boogaloo.


DG402 Cool Flower. DG403 Easy Rider, a great Pochahontas outfit.

DG404 Twist'N'Shout. DG405 Pop Pinny. Not very rare, but I seem to have never gotten the aprondress for this outfit.


DG406 Green Gingham, pretty! DG407 Deep Purple. Well it is from the seventees!


DG408 Striped Loons. DG409 Sunflower another favorite of mine.

DG410 Rockin' Jeans, DG411 Swingin' Suede. I finally got the west and belt for this yeah!!!

You can't see the belt when the west is closed.


DG600 Beach Party, it is always the bra missing. I finally got mine :o)


DG601 Freak Out. DG602 Autumn Scene with homemade scarf.


DG603 Nordic Gear. This is made in several (4) versions, some with embroidery and some with print only.


DG604 Frills'N'Fancy so cute! DG605 Carnaby Cords.




(DG200 same as last season,) DG201 Troody Blues missing the shoes, DG202 Ric Rac missing the belt.


DG203 Smash Hit Been after this for so long! DG204 Day Out, very short but also sweet.


DG205 Pinkle no shoes. Too fine a dress for the boots, but then again, we are in the 70'ties! DG206 Popsy Pink a favourite.


DG207 Toodles, now complete yeah! DG208 Hopscotch, two variants.

DG400 Nickelodeon only the blouse/trousers present, DG401 Smartie Pants missing the bag.

(DG402 + DG403 same as last season,

DG404 Hot Shot. DG405 Popsy Whopsy TWO HTF in one update OMG! I am pleased =o)


DG406 Bee Bopa I have that one!!! DG407 Ragtime just the pants so far.


DG408 Lazy Lilac great outfit! (DG 409 same as last...) DG410 Rockin' Jeans this time in a light blue version.


(DG411 Same as last... )DG412 Smooth Mover, no belt or shoes. DG413 Rainy Day No belt or scarf.

DG414 Sandpiper a lovely velvet jacket. DG415 Orange Blossom now complete.


 DG416 Summer Time, No yellow blouse. DG417 Chatter Box.


 DG600 Disco Darling, beautifull! (DG601 same as last, DG602 new scarf), DG 603 Candy Floss,


DG604 Disco Bride. DG605 Honky Tonk.

DG606 California Campus. DG607 Carnival, so pretty!

DG608 Disco Date.


1976- until the end


DG200 Daytime Daisy, what a bold combination. DG201 Polka Dot, lovely outfit very fresh.


DG 202 Sunnie Uh so elegant. Some goes for this one DG203 Poppy.


DG204 Teamster.

DG205 Knockabout. DG400 same as DG413 last season, DG401 Jumpsuit.


DG402 Sportie Really great tennis set!


DG403 City Girl. (DG404 repeating again from last year), DG405 Zig Zag, also a favorite. Really one of the best outfits I think.

DG406 Pixie, finally got the bag. 

DG407 Mandarin wow! DG408 Rockin' Jeans in the light blue version, finally here!


DG409 Party Time fabulous! DG410 Caribbean, missing the headband.

DG411 Pretty Pink now with the original hat. 


Then I have DG603 Sailor Girl of the last series made!

(The other outfits are: DG600 Miss Victoria, DG601 Wedding Day, DG602 Ski Slopes, DG604 Sweet Dreams and DG605 Bubbles.)

These next outfits were not in the booklets, but also belong to 1976-1977. Same numbers as some of the other outfits again.


(DG201 Spring Time) DG204 Slinky, with the orange bag and shoes, DG415 Cossack.


DG601 Muffles, cute! DG602 Autumn Scene.


DG606 Champagne without the big felt hat. (The last outfit is DG608 Go Go)


There were also issued an Air Hostess, sweet Tia was sold in it. DG162.

Also DG159 Highland Fling was not in the booklets, Should also have a hat + the clothes underneath are my suggestion. Basically I have the cape! Lol!


A horse rider with a red jacket and number eight on the chest, DG161, came too. Disco Rider is the name.

Finally complete, I had to buy this lovely girl. My favourite is and has always been Britt, but Tia & Dee and Domino are breathing down her neck Lol!

DG155 named Disco Bride is another ready-dressed doll, the dress is not different from the regular Disco Bride. 

DG158 Country Girl and DG160 Evening out I have never seen live, sadly.