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❀Updated 17/05-2013❀

The secret agent maybe related to Daisy?

I always think of her as Daisy's sister or cousin. She was made with two different active bodies (75001 Havoc alone) and came in tight jumpsuit often dark blue. The jumpsuit was also made in light blue and green, but those are quite rare. There are ten different theme-based outfits for her:

75011 "Surprise from the Skies", 75012 "Sabotage under the Sea", 75013 "Music for Murder", 75014 "Swedish Incident", 75015 "Jungle Mission", 75016 "Race against Death", 75017 "Villainy in Venice", 75018 "Monster of Maclochlin, 75019 "Hostess to Danger", 75020 "Mystery at the Ranch"

As you can see in the pictures most of the outfits in my collection are very incomplete, so the hunt hasn't ended, far from!

Also an inflatable boat (75051), two survival kits (75052 & 75053) and a training pack (75054) was manufactured for her. A powerful bike was also made for this foxy little lady, sold alone (75081) or with Havoc (75082).

Havoc basic doll in her navy jumpsuit. She should have a knife on a belt too.

75011 "Surprise from the Skies", look at the funny red "sunglasses", why not real goggles? Another mystery unsolved...

75012 "Sabotage under the Sea", or should I say a glimpse of it. Missing one swim feat, squid, air tank, knife, oars + harpoon. Next to this is "Music for Murder"

75013 "Music for Murder" Everything here, fresh from the card! My favourite along with "Villainy in Venice"


75014 "The Swedish Incident", missing the skies, wrong ski-staffs, no icepick, grappling iron and no blue backpack. Also the goggles are not the original ones, these are much nicer and from St. Moritz (Daisy) :o)

 75015 "Jungle Mission" missing the gun, knife, I borrowed the snake from the survival kit and the boots from "Music for Murder".

75016 "Race against Death", complete yeah! Just a thought: how serious would you take a special agent roaming around in tights a pink t-shirt with a marker on and a leather jacket? Sorry about that Havoc, I actually like this outfit a lot. I suppose we shall not draw too many parallels to our own ordinary world...

75017 "Villainy in Venice" now complete with Dynamite, wire and detonator and the jewel that are to be in the safe.

And the suit from 75018 "The Monster of Maclochlin". The outfit included a cylinder shaped blue see-through helmet, a giant spider, a laser gun, a Geiger-counter, and a retort/torchlight.

75019 "Hostess to Danger", only one grenade, no chain on the case, no drinking tray/glasses/bottles.

Havoc's incredible bike 75081 (also sold with Havoc in 75082), and a mix (-up) with Havoc.

Survival pack one + two.

Clothes from Training Pack, of course she is a black belt.

The last two ones not mentioned are Inflatable Boat, Mystery at the ranch I don't have, yet!


Annnd introducing:


They discontinued the Havoc line after this, but re used all the outfits + the body for Policewoman. Based on a TV-series that ran at that time. A very sweet doll, but so opposite Havoc in looks.

Her box offers pictures of the already known outfits from Havoc.


Policewoman came in this red outfit with a beige coat, and the same boots as Havoc only these were brown.

"Race against Time" rather than against dead, apart from the t-shirt being without print, it is the exact same as Havocs.

Notice that it is the jointed body only used for policewoman.

At the back of the outfit cards, there were stories just like on Havoc's.


"Race against Time" and "Undercover Mission" ("Villainy in Venice")