Daisy by Mary Quant & Much more...

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Irma, the dolls.

There were a lot of Irma dolls. I only collect one type, but there were many! some smaller, some babies, a chinese series were made too.


First blondie is a "newcomer" great hair! I just had to give her curls. Second one is my childhood doll. Both used to have a bit darker lipstick, not much, but a bit.


Childhood doll too, hair is a bit bleached, probably from beeing on display in the sun.


Very well preserved makeup, she has had that lipstick on for 35 years, I can't even keep mine an evening! Somebody gave her eyeshadow on, I got most off, but she still needs a clean.



Per, Irmas friend. I never had any as a child so these two, they have come along later to date my Irmas....