Daisy by Mary Quant & Much more...

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A spanish doll from the company Famosa. And Another doll, that I also had as a child. As most dolls from that era she has a hard plastic body and a softer vinyl head. She stands 40 cm tall. The "oldest" type (sorry Nancy!) has a stiff belly, and only Famosa printed on her. The later edition has a swivel waist. Most of the clothes shown here is also from my childhood, all though a few newer addition has crept in...

My Nancy's in the cupboard.

Lucas ready to race!

Nancy saving the day.

My childhood favorite dress and my childhood doll. 80063 is the number of the dress in the brochure.

80021 Vison is the furcoat and purse called. Both are saved from my childhood and very treasured.

Beautifull satin shirt and skirt, childhood items too, as is the fake hair. Incredible that it has survived still looking fine. Outfit is tagged with nr. 648

A Lovely Bride or communion outfit, from my childhood. Not even any holes in the veil :o) The clothes is tagged with the number 40.

Apart from the red clogs, this is the clothes I remember that my Nancy arrived in. It does however have a number and was sold seperately, 80070. I even still have my Nancy neclace, another treasured item that I think came with the next outfit.

This one had the neclace in the pack, 80068.

Childhood set too, tagged with 1 and 2.


These came later on in a lot, not tagged. As you can see the elastics have given in, in the bra and the small undies. I will have to fix that I can't have her loosing her small-clothes...


These came in the same lot, except the shoes.


A more deascent "little" thing. I think it should have the number 80076.


80876 again, this time in pink. I only have the pants.


A Nancy suitcase, they are made in several sizes. This one came with the turquoise nightwear. Her clothes is staplet on the card(!) I wonder how many small girls have had a clamp in their fingers when trying to remove the clothes from the card.


Tagged with 90. The shoes are not original, but so sweet on her.


And one bride gown / communion dress more. This is one I have acquired later on. Rather elegant I think.


Nancy's shoes and slippers.


And surprisingly my childhood stockings have survived! For the undies I have even kept the cardboard they came on. The two loose trousers are later arrivals.


The blueeyed blonde one is my childhood beauty, the strawberry red has gorgeous blue eyes too.


Brown eyes. I didn't think Lucas was made with blue eyes until I saw him as a blue eyed blonde in an auction.


A blonde with brown eyes. The fake hair is along with the braided one worn by my childhood doll, was sold in a pack called 80118. It came with a box of pins too. I did take god care of my Nancy things!


Lucas, dressed in an outfit that are similar to Nancys clothes 80054. He came to me like that, and it rather suits him I think.


Lesly, Nancy's little sister. Lesly is 32 cm tall. Very sweet impression on her face.

Two outfits for Lucas MOC.

80022, I can't wait to see one of my Nancy's in this one! 80117 MOC

80119 Shampoo and pins for Nancy.