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PerfeKta dolls.

❀Updated 09/10-2014❀

Another Childhood favorite, the little 5" PerfeKta dolls.


My mother (Yes, now you know where I got the addiction Lol!) had two ginger haired, one white haired and one dark haired, that I was allowed to borrow and play with sometimes. I accidentally stumbled over another one, having almost giving up finding some more of these cute dolls, and I have later added a white haired too. The dolls have given to me by my mother now, and my two girls are allowed to borrow them sometimes....

The clothes on the brown haired one was made by me (love the fabric?) I must have been around 7 or eight at the time. My mother sewed dress number two and knitted the third one. This knitted dress is actually a copy of a dress that she knitted for my very tall (60cm) walking doll.

I have also found some more dolls (surprise!) with a centerparting and braided hair too, see pictures below. 

I think this may have come from one of the boxes that contained the PerfeKta dolls. I have the dress on the left and on the right so far.

This is the bunch so far!


These are the original girls in the original clothes, A brown haired, a blonde,


and two Two ginger haired. Maybe the orange clothes and the stripey trouser clothes have been bought later on, the two dresses worn by the next two girls was also mine originally and I think it was the dresses they were sold in.


This first one is the one on the auction picture at the top of this page, the second one is a bit of a mess. She only has hair rooted at the borderline all the way round, nothing in the center. Clearly meant to always have a ponytail. She does not have much hair left, but she is a hard head so I am a bit reluctant in getting started with her hairdo.


This brown haired on is a beauty. Centerparting, clearly made for braids or in this case ponytails.

The ginger haired on is very similar, but her hair is not as great. The coat is a childhood piece too.

Underneath she is wearing the brown haired girls yellow dress (1. pic. on this site.) the same as the one the unfortunate ponytail girl is wearing.


Two blondes. First one is really great, second one is all woolen poor girl!

The dress wore by number two is also one I had originally.

4 new girls, a lovely ginger short hair and one with the longest braids I have seen!

A sweet blonde wearing a pyjamas maybe? and the same one wearing a lovely flower dress.

A new dark haired wearing a new kind of yellow dress and clone shoes. A perfect fit though.