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Mary Quant Bubbles & Squeak

❀Updated 17/05-2013❀

Besides Daisy and Daisy Longlegs Mary Quant also designed clothes for two more dolls, two toddlers.
And cute little girl called Bubbles & a cheeky little boy called Squeak. (He of course squeaks when use squeeze him, hence the name)

An introduction of Bubbles & Squeak. Maybe these are two more outfits for them? No names, but Squeaks clothes appears to be his version of Hi Jinks. Maybe in other colours though.

My three "bubbly" girls. The blonde one wasn't pictured on the box.

Bubbles was made in two versions, a blonde with bangs and braids, and a redhead with a hair do like Havoc (Havoc as young maybe?)
I think these were all the clothes made for them.

This is the the red version of Bubbles, in an unknown outfit. It is ever so cute though, so she will be allowed to keep it for now. If you have any info on the clothes, it will be most appreciated.

Bubbles in the outfit she was sold in. A lovely blond version with pleads and bangs.

This was also an outfit she came boxed in. She does remind me of a friendly version of Madam Mim on this picture Lol!


Hi-Jinks & Sunday Best. A loose thread has evaded my inspection, I can see! I am considering a re root on this little girl, the haircut doesn't become her.

Squeak in the outfit he was sold in? I know he was also sold in the outfit on the box, maybe there were two versions of him too.

Bedtime & Birthday boy for Squeak. The first one looks a bit clumpsy, the second one looks very "girly" with all the blondes.

Puddles & Sailor suit also for Squeak.

A nice group photo of the lot so far. I haven't de-boxed any clothes (yet), so the unfortunate Squeak without clothes is hiding behind his brother.