Daisy by Mary Quant & Much more...

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Sindy High Society

And loads of other gorgeous dresses...

My (and many others) favorite line of dresses: The Emanuel series from 1985


High Society, how many could wear a dress in that colour without looking goofy?


Scarlet Lady, so elegant.


Romantica, I am missing the cape for that one.


Misty Mauve, needs ironing, but still...


In 1982 these two were made, My Fair Sindy.


Premiere Girl from 1979, lovely both with and without the cape.


Bo Peep 1981


BallGown 1981, look at that face paint!


Evening Dress 1982, another favorite.


Fair Lady 1979


Gala Night 1983


Gypsy Lady 1980


Main attraction 1985


Masquerade 1984, missing all the jewelry.


Nostalgia 1980


Premiere Night 1984


Regency Girl 1981


Royal Occassion 1984


Royal Occasion 1977


Night Spot 1977 I do have a few New Face Sindy dolls too.


Smash Hits 1990, the only outfit I have that is not Pedigree.


Space Fantasy from 1985


My other Space Fantacy. I was going to strip her and dress her in her ordinary clothes, but she kind of grew on me. I call her my Cyndi Lauper Sindy, she has some of the same attitude, right?