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❀Updated 17/09-2014❀

Wanda was made by Shindana and have the exact same body mold as Daisy.

I think she was one of the first coloured dolls, and I think she must have been the first one with a message. 

You can be what you want to be!

The Wanda Career doll, as they called her, came in different outfits all related to a different type of education / work.

The Wanda doll came with 4 different hairdo's

She came as a standard doll in green knickers, shoes and a blouse with a belt.

On the box there were pictures of three of the different Wanda's, maybe they only made these first?

First were the Nurse. In the leaflet there were references and interviews with actual people holding that occupation. 


Next was the Ballerina,


Third was the Stewardess, that I don't have boxed:


There were made other dolls with other outfits shown on the box, now they were not just "Career Girls", but "Action Career Girls"!:

A stunning Singer with a spare outfit in the package, (not much action in that?) But even a Parachutist doll was made!


A Tennis Player, also with extra clothes, and probably one more if you look at the pictures on the box.


Anyway, Wanda was a cool girl and there was no stopping her. You rock girl(s)!