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Wee 3 Friends

 Another "friends" group, only this time it is from Mattel, the Barbie people.

Only three friends this time, Stacy, Barbie's blonde eight year old sister, her red headed friend  Lila (also known as Miranda) and her other friend with dark skin & hair; Janet (also known as Alexa). I am not sure if the names Miranda & Alexa only were used in the Mattel add, or if these names were actually used on some of the packages too.

As it says in the article, the girls were sold in Theme boxes, the three dolls in the picture included. they were always sold as a trio. These in the picture are Fun Fun Fun. The other themes were: Dance Dance Dance, Snow Snow Snow, Party Party Party. A Splash Pool were also made. Two more trio's were introduced after the add, Rain Rain Rain & a Sleepover/Slumber Party.

I only have two dolls from the Beach set, but aren't they great? I have to admit that I love the clothes for these dolls. the dolls themselves, well they are too much Barbie for me; they have that everlasting look of a happy sedated oblivion on their faces (sorry Mattel!)

I do like the sweet little dogs included in the sets, apart from the red one. It is really quite fake looking as opposed to the others, when you see it live.

The girls from Snow Snow Snow. a lot of accessories missing, but still a nice lot. The pink hat came from another set, this girl originally came with a headband and the blonde with a scarf. The redhead should have had yellow boots, the ones she is wearing are the ice skater boots. They did also originally come with sunglasses for all, skates for all, lots of snowballs, three cups and hats for the dogs.

The first one here are wearing a top and a jacket, the blonde and the red are wearing a combined blouse/west sewed together that opens in the back. Quite cleverly made.

Party Party Party! These girls are ready :o) I think only a headband is missing from the red headed girl.

I love this creation, she is actually wearing a golden net skirt underneath the dress. You can see it better on the first picture with the other two girls.