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World of love

❀Updated 17/05-2013❀

The sisters from abroad. Disco Girls american cousins, or vice versa. Same bodymold but different faces. Again four girls and one boy. With one addition, later Music turned up so now they were 5 girls. They are also described on the Disco Girls Homepage, see the links section.

They are:


Blonde Love with the new eyes.


Love,1st issue. A bit of a wild stare, I do like the one above more.


Flower, new eyes and the "old" type.


Peace, first edition only.

Soul, or is it Domino? Well in my house both. First of the short haired type with old eyes and new eyes.


A long haired Soul/Domino also with the new eyes. She is cheating and wearing a DG outfit here, Not sure if Soul was made with long hair?


and Music. Was she ever made with "the new" eyes?


Then another girl was made, called Bonnie Breck. She was used advertising for a shampoo.

Then I bought another one and she came in an ordinary brown box that I almost threw out(!) I just stashed her away in it for a later photo session. Luckily I was told that it was her genuine box, so now I hold on to it!

Poor girl 30-something (made in 1971) years in a box, no wonder she looks so scared! Love on the other hand looks cheeky.


And the boy Adam.


Many of their outfits were the same as the Disco Girls, so I will only show those that are different from theirs.


4450 Quilted Pants, quite funny and sooo 70'ish. 4452 Belted Jumpsuit, nice.


4453 Buttons'N'Stripes. Don't wash this!!! The colours on the blouse will bleed terribly. 4454 Sports Gear.


4472 Jersey'N'Jumpsuit, love this one. 4473 Felt Pants Suit, very delicate.


4474 The gaucho = my absolute favourite! 4495 Fur Trim, so nice with belt & all.

4436 Rain Flower, pvc raincoat. What a colour! As you can see, my camera does what most other cameras does when it sees pink. Not even PhotoShop could correct this. Love the raincoat though :)